Wednesday, August 01, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse

First off, I am fine. I think everyone I've met so far in the TCs is fine. I hope, anyway. I have not heard otherwise. Thank you to the kind people who have emailed and commented. I really appreciate your concern. I hope you and everyone YOU know is doing ok, too.

Since Phillip and I aren't from the Twin Cities and we do not drive, we're (actually, I) am having a hard time trying to picture where the bridge is. I'm pretty sure I know, but it's fuzzy. It's ok to make fun of me, but I just can't seem to place it. The only large bridge I went over on a daily basis for a while was the one that leads onto Washington street by the U of M. Is the bridge that collapsed the one that ran parallel, or am I all confused?

At any rate, the bridge collapsing is a complete tragedy. It's horrific to watch on television, but I can't stop looking. I can only think about and wonder how many vehicles are trapped under water and if people either 1) got out or 2) are still in their cars. I don't even want to think about it.

The current fatality count is 3, but we all know it's much more. I would like for it to stay at 3, but looking at that bridge you know that more people perished.

It's just horrible and I feel so sad. I do have to commend the lightning fast response of our city's rescue teams. I just hope that they are able to rescue as many people as possible so the fatality numbers stay below 5.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear your ok. I am ok, too. A little freaked out since I drive on that bridge all the time. It is the one by the U of MN that you take when you go onto Washington.

Honey Bunny said...

michelle, i'm glad you're OK too. is it the bridge that has the upper and lower deck? i'm confused :(

cat said...

Glad you are both ok. This is not the double decker bridge, this is the one that comes from St Paul goes by the U of M and takes you past the dome to Washington... I hope that helps. It is confusing when you do not drive and are newer to the area! :) I understand that!