Friday, September 14, 2007


Ottawa is nice. The weather is great. 75 degrees during the day, about 50 at night. Perfect for The Griffins, as we hate the heat.

Today we went to Byward Market and I didn't want to leave! That place is my heaven. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold under tents, and you can get any kind of meat or cheese you'd ever dream of right there. I had to try a Beaver Tail and I was not disappointed. I want to go back and buy some more stuff before we leave.

Also, I had to go to the LUSH store in Byward Market, too. They were having this awesome sale where you buy two items and get one free, so I ended up getting a crapload of bath bombs, bubble baths, and face scrubs. Since the nearest LUSH is in Chicago, I figure I better stock up while I can.

We also walked along Parliament Hill and looked at all the government buildings. The architecture is really cool, in my opinion. Tomorrow we plan on taking a boat tour down the canal and then we're going to the Civilization museum.

I'm just glad the weather has been nice. The weather reports I read before we left said rain for every day we're here. I'm glad it was wrong.

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Michelle said...

Ottawa looks really pretty. I am glad you got your LUSH fix! :) That market sounds cool.