Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ottawa Day 4

The Hubs and I split up today and did our own thing. I went back to the Rideau Mall and the Byward Market to look around. I didn't spend any money as my stupid ATM card suddenly won't work in ATM machines here in Canada (even though it worked last year in Vancouver). I wanted to get a caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but the line was too long. While I was in the market I saw this guy with two dogs that "pose" for pictures. They were cute dogs, but something about this is just so sad:

They sat like that while people took photos of them. The owner put bits of hot dog in their mouths so they could pose with it and when they wanted to eat it, they got yelled at. The dog on the left is named Zoe, but I don't remember the name of the other dog. They just seemed so sad. Here's a video I made:

I guess I'm too sensitive when it comes to animals. I also saw a woman with a wiener dog that she dressed in a fur coat. That's just too much!

We also saw Superbad this afternoon. Yeah, it was funny, but not as awesome as everyone has been saying.

Tonight we're going to an 80s night to do some dancing. Tomorrow is our last full day here. I hate how short vacations are.

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Michelle said...

awww... that is so sad that those cute little dogs are forced to pose for pictures. :( I'm very sensitive, too when it comes to animals.