Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vacation Time Is Over

We're back in Mpls after being in Ottawa for about a week. Our flight out there was smooth and we were able to check into our room right away. The hotel wasn't all that great, but it didn't suck. But I did avoid the kitchen chairs as much as I could since they were stained with god-knows-what:

I should mention that the hotel we stayed in is actually more of a place to LIVE. I think we were one of the only people who were just visiting, instead of living. It wasn't a bad place, per se, but it had it's issues. Like the fact that the windows only opened about 4 inches. And that they never cleaned our room for the whole time we were there*. But it was cheap and mostly clean so we were OK. Oh, and it had a whirlpool in the basement that soothed my feet, which was right on.

During our stay we tried to save money by eating out only one meal a day. Since our room had a kitchen, we bought stuff at the grocery store to make for lunch/dinner. I love how everything is printed in French, but the actual product was made in the USA:

When we did eat out, here are some of the things I ate:
  • 2 Grilled cheese sandwiches made with Canadian cheddar (not something I'd like to have again as the cheese was super oily and kind of flavorless)
  • French Fries
  • Chicken Ceasar salad
  • Crispy beef and rice with an egg roll
  • Poutine (which was delicious and had me wishing I could get some here in Mpls):

  • Gelato
  • Various British candy bars
  • Dairy Queen (which I was totally surprised to see!)
  • Eggs Benedict, which was icky at one place, and so-so at another place
  • Beaver Tail
  • Lots of iced tea, water, and diet coke

    In my opinion, vacations are all about the food first, tourist attractions second. We went to Byward market on our second day there. That's a place I could live in until I died. We went into one stinky cheese shop and I was in heaven. I think I need to be more well versed in cheese, since it's something I love to eat. They also had great meat and seafood shops, too. If I lived in Ottawa I'd do most of my shopping there, for sure.

    Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm actually looking forward to it as I'm now completely broke. I was going to go in today (even though I took it off), but our flight was delayed almost 3 hours out of O'Hare, and I had a crap load of stuff to get done while I had the chance. My next day off won't be until the end of October, so I had to take advantage of the day.

    * they came in and took away the trash and left towels, but that was it.

    Anonymous said...

    You can eat two grilled cheese? Maybe that's why you didn't feel good, it wasn't the cheese but the quanity. I never get sick off of grilled cheese, and I like that its the one food you can order all over the world since I travel a lot and I am picky. Can't go wrong with grilled cheese

    Honey Bunny said...

    i can eat two grilled cheese within 6 days, which is what i did. i didn't eat 2 sandwiches in one sitting.

    and i never said i didn't feel well. in fact, i felt fine the whole trip (except for a headache the first and second day). i said that the cheese wasn't very tasty.

    Jessi said...

    Just wanted to say I LOVE poutine and I am so grateful for your wardrobe refashion link. I checked it out last week and have become obsessed! I know I don't comment very often but wanted you to know I enjoy reading your blog.

    Laura said...

    Those ravioli are called "No Name". I think that's awesome!