Saturday, November 17, 2007

Commercials I Hate #452

Dear 93X,

I know that your marketing to males between the ages of 14 and 40, but seriously? Your "sexy girls" commercial couldn't be more annoying.

Is it me, or does the chick on the right have one of the strangest faces you've ever seen? She's kind of got that Steven Tyler thing going on. Maybe she's related? Not that it matters, she's still odd looking. And the other chick just looks kinda plain. What's so sexy about them? I don't get it.

This concept isn't new, as I remember seeing commercials like these growing up. They were mostly for classic rock stations, as heavy metal/alt rock wasn't broadcast anywhere near where I lived. I wasn't exposed to modern rock music until, uh, 1990? Sad, I know. And the chicks in the 93X commercials are also in the same (or very similar) commercials for other stations around the country. It's true. WAAF in Boston used the same sort of commercial while I was living there. They are both owned by the same company, so that explains it.

So I don't get why a radio station would use sex to have people tune in (other than the fact that sex sells everything). What I DO get is that this commercial is so grating and annoying that I won't ever have it programmed into my radio. I don't actually own a radio, but if I did, I wouldn't the dial tuned to that station, for sure.

Take THAT, 93X!

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