Friday, November 02, 2007

This and That and the Other Thing

I completed my first week at my new job. It started out rough, but evened out toward the end of the week. I like my office - especially the location -and the people seem very nice. I like having a job where I'm able to do my own thing and not have a boss breathing down my neck. I feel I'm more productive that way. Anyhoo, this is a contract job that I'm praying turns into a permanent position after the new year. That would make my, well, year.

Sometimes when I'm bored while waiting for the bus I like to play a little game called Gay or Virgin? I watch men walk down the street and determine if they are gay or a virgin. You can tell a lot by the way a man walks. Also by his shoes. Although shoes are a bit misleading, especially since there are so many meterosexuals out there, so I keep that in mind. I see lots of gay men, which is great, but not so many virgins. So far, I think I've only spotted one virgin, but the tip-off was the Magic the Gathering* cards he was looking through and not the way he walked.

I also like to play a game called Famous People On The Bus. I see people who look just like famous people on the bus. For example, today I saw a dude who looked just like Mark Ruffalo:

So, yeah. The guy on the bus looked just like Mark Ruffalo only blonde. I also saw a Gene Hackman, and I swear I work with a John Krasinski look-alike. Awesome. I Jim Halpert.

Yes, this is how I pass the time to-and-from work. Well, in between listening to my favorite podcast in the world: Movies You Should See. If you're into a bunch of intelligent and hysterical Brits talking about films, you really need to listen to their podcast. I have listened to everything they have for download and now I'm entertaining the thought of purchasing last year's episodes just so I have something good to listen to during the day. I seriously can't get through the day without it. Sad? Yeah, but so?

I also watched the entire first season of Californication. Holy shit, that's a good show (but I also love David Duchovny). I don't have Showtime so I watched the episodes online. I had to wait a week until the finale was up and running, but it was worth it. I wish I could afford the "good" cable TV so I could watch all the good shows. Oh well. Maybe, someday.

Tonight I'm doing nothing but lounging and eating chocolate cake. I'm PMS-y so BACK OFF.

*if they weren't Magic the Gathering cards, they were something similar, I swear.

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