Sunday, November 04, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, The Hubs and I went to see Control at the Uptown theater. I'm not as big a Joy Division fan as The Hubs is, but man, this film was beautiful. And by beautiful i mean that it was just a pleasure to look at. I know that this is mostly due to the talents of Anton Corbijn as a photographer, but man, some of the shots left me breathless. Everyone who has any general knowledge of music/music history (or if you live in an "All New Wave All the Time" house like I do) knows the story of Ian Curtis, so there was no new light shed (well, maybe a tiny bit toward the end) but this film still had me crying. Some films portray heartbreak really well, but goddamn, this film got it RIGHT. Samantha Morton is totally amazing in this film, too, and I think most of the scenes with her in it were the most painful to watch. Painful as in over-emotional, fist-to-the-gut sort of painful. Also, if you think Sean Harris played a great Ian Curtis in 24 Hour Party People, Sam Riley has him beat in Control.

I urge everyone to see Control if only for the cinematography. It has made my list of my favorite films I've seen in '07. I'd love to hear if anyone else has seen this and what your thoughts are. This is definitely a film I will want to purchase when it's released on DVD.


In other news, today is The Hubs' birthday! YAY! He is 41 years old. Don't let his myspace page fool you. Heh.

If I had the time or talent, I'd make him an awesome New Wave birthday cake. But since I'm not that talented, here is a photo of one:

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

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Cat said...

I am glad that they new job is going good! I also wish for you that is becomes permanent!That is a HUGE stress relief!