Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amanda "Faints" on Big Brother

Ok, if anyone was in doubt of Amanda's camera-whoredom, tonight's episode is the icing on the cake.

I'll make this brief. I'd also like to state that I still don't watch the show. The Hubs watches it, but when he tells me that something's going on with Amanda, I walk into the living room to watch it. Ok, glad that's out of the way.

One contestant, Allison, had some sort of allergic reaction to something, I'm guessing a nut of some sort. Her throat was closing and her tongue was swelling and they had to call a nurse in to shoot her up with nut antidote to prevent her throat from closing.

Not 5 minutes later, Amanda is suddenly hypoglycemic and passes out! You see her talking about how she feels bad for Alison, and then she talks about how she needs sugar, and then...she's on the floor! Well, that's how it was edited for TV. Here's what the live feed saw:

She's totally fine, and then, all of a sudden, she starts saying she's not feeling well. That's what it showed on the TV today. People were all upset over Allison, and then Amanda, feeling left out, "faints" and has a "seizure".

She returned in a few hours? the next day? as if nothing was wrong. She then went on to tell the cameras that her little trip to the hospital won't stop her from winning the million bucks.(Oh, man, I wish they had that part up on the Youtube) The sad part? She got everyone back on her side after everyone hated her AND her baby voice just last week.

Sorry, I don't buy it. I don't buy it for a second. If she really was hypoglycemic, the producers would have known and she would have been able to eat fruit or bread or whatever. But because she's an attention whore, she kept that a "secret", just so she could bust it out when the cameras were focused on someone else. Creative editing? Maybe. Amanda being Amanda? More likely.

Yep, that's Amanda.

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