Friday, February 15, 2008

More on Amanda from Big Brother

I have a friend who still works at the office in Golden Valley where I had the experience of knowing Amanda. My friend tells me that she's the talk of the office -- and not in a good way. That doesn't surprise me, because, duh, she's an idiot. I guess she provides lots of LOL's to those who haven't laughed at someone in a while.

Here's another example of how dumb she is. Watch at 1:08 where she screams like crazy, picks up her Big Brother house key and says "What does this mean?"

Then fast forward to 1:29 where I'm pretty sure your head will explode from watching Princess Amanda tell the world that she "gets what she wants". Yeap.

But the best part is at 3:00 where one of the dudes says "I hope there are some intelligent girls in there, cuz I'm really sick of dealing with girls that are, like, talking to a wall."

Cut to Amanda where we see her having her legs rubbed by an Asian man as she yells "Bueno! Bueno!" Hot damn, I wish I could make this shit up.

If you got through all that without feeling your brain leaking out your ears, I applaud you. I seriously feel like I lost some brain cells. To be fair, Amanda is pretty dim, but the rest of the crew in that house don't look too bright either.


Sornie said...

I think that the Big Brother producers actually find the pretty people who might be mildly mentally retarded and follow the basic reality show formula.

Chuck Olsen said...

ZOMG i am loving your posts about Amanda.

Dawn said...

Chuck just took the words out of my mouth :)

Honey Bunny said...

thanks, chuck! i've been on vacation, but i'll have to catch up on Amanda ASAP.