Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vegas Vacation - Day Three

Wednesday was our last full day in Las Vegas. The first thing The Hubs and I did was wake up, go swimming, and hit the hot tub. In the morning in Vegas, it was about 45-50 degrees. Now we hate the heat, so that was perfect for us. It was a bit chilly getting out of the hot tub, but it was still heavenly.

The Hot Tub at our Hotel

We met up with my family at about noon at Harrah's once again. This time we were skipping the buffet and heading to Ming's Table, a delicious Chinese restaurant. My brother's friend Victor is the head chef and he had alerted him that we were coming. Chef Victor kept bringing out the most delicious appetizers I've ever tasted. I'm not a sushi fan, so I skipped that course. Then crab Rangoon and shrimp tempura came out. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted. I had never tried shrimp tempura before, but now I will probably order it wherever I can get it. We all ordered meals, which we probably shouldn't have as there was way too much food. I had the sweet and sour shrimp, The Hubs had General's Chicken, my mom had beef and broccoli, my sister had chicken lo-mein, and I can't remember what my brother had. If you can tell from the photos, there was way too much food for five people. And then the chef brought out wok friend lobster. Absolutely delicious. The best Chinese food I'd ever had. I recommend eating at Ming's Table if you're at Harrah's, for sure.

Ming's Table @ Harrah's

Sushi Pork Fried Rice and General's Chicken

Shrimp Tempura Shrimp Tempura

Wok Fried Lobster Ming's Table @ Harrah's

Chef Victor and Chef Chris

After lunch, The Hubs and I went back to the Gold Coast to chill out. I did some gambling and The Hubs watched some soccer. He also walked across the street and checked out the Palms. If we have the money to go back next year, we'd like to stay there. At about 5:00 we met up with my family to head out to the Old Las Vegas and Freemont Street. It was pretty nice, but I was hoping for more old neon signs and 1950s kitsch. I bought a shot glass in an old souvenir shop and we stopped to watch the light show above us. It was interesting. See for yourself. It was going on above our heads:

I walked around and took a bunch of photos of Old Vegas. I wish the neon turned out a little better.
Freemont District+ Golden Nugget Four Queens

Freemont Street old Neon Sign Golden Goose

Binion's on Freemont Freemont Hotel and Casino

At about 6:30 or so, The Hubs and I seperated from my family. They wanted to hit the buffet at the Golden Nugget and, well, we just couldn't stomach another buffet. So we went walking to find a bar named after us. We found it, and it was totally swanky inside. Perfect for a first or second date. It's too bad we were the only people in there at the time. We had a beer and relaxed.

The Griffin Bar

We decided to check out a few punk/rockabilly/psychobilly bands playing at the Four Queens. The funny story behind this adventure is that we walked in the wrong door and may or may not have skipped the entrance fee, until a bouncer asked us if we were with the band. I can't lie, so I said "no". The Hubs was pretty mad at me at first, but the way the club is set up, we wouldn't have been able to go to the bathroom unless we had a wristband. So we paid and I felt better. Anyway, we didn't really enjoy the first band. The second band was better. The third band, The Pink Spiders, were awful (mostly because they were obnoxious and mean to the crowd), but the headliner, the HorrorPops were pretty good. I didn't know that there was such a huge Rockabilly scene in Vegas. Anyway, I didn't get may good photos since the place was packed and I couldn't get very close.

HorrorPops at the Canyon HorrorPops at the Canyon

We left at about 10:30 or so and we asked one of the bellhops at the Golden Nugget if there was a shuttle service to the strip. He said "no", but that the Freemond Hotel had one. So we walked over and asked the bellhop there where we should get the shuttle. He said they didn't have a shuttle. We see a sign for the shuttle we took on Tuesday that took for-ev-er so we stand next to it. A shuttle that goes to the Vegas shopping district pulled up next to us and asked us where we wanted to go. We said "the strip" and so the dude told us to hop on. I'm pretty sure he was off the clock and he said it would be $5 per person. We knew that would be cheaper than taking a cab so we got on. The driver was super nice and he ended up taking us all the way to our hotel! It took us about 8 minutes to get from Downtown to our hotel, which totally rocked. That dude was so nice. I wish I got a photo of him. Oh well.

When we got back to the hotel, we were starving so we ate at the Monterrey room. We had sandwiches and fries and cheesecake. It hit the spot. I did some more gambling before heading up to the room where I found The Hubs zonked out. I fell asleep shortly after and slept pretty well.

Our third day was also a lot of fun. I knew that I would have to pack up and go home the next day, which made me kind of sad. Tomorrow, day four.

"I Want To Be Big!"

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