Sunday, September 26, 2004

Our Trip to Cheeseland!

i was so excited to go to wisconsin with phillip. i'd been thinking about it for over a month. back in april when his mom asked us when we'd be coming to visit, we weren't sure if we could schedule a time in the near future, due to our work schedules. but after working some things out, we were able to plan a trip for late september. i swear, once september first came along, our trip was all i could think about. well, just about.

wednesday evening phillip and i made our way to logan airport. i was a nervous wreck since the last time i was on a plane was almost 20 years ago. i was more nervous about getting our tickets printed and then making our way through security than anything else. we took the train to logan, and then we hopped on the shuttle to our terminal. we flew out of northwest airlines.

when we got to the terminal, we had about an hour and a half to wait. i took a walk around and bought the new daily show with jon stewart book america (the book). it's hysterical and completely irreverent. i love it. anyway, we passed the time by talking and taking pictures.

once we got on the plane, i was still a bit nervous. phillip let me sit by the window, which was so nice of him.

it seemed like forever before we took off. we were sitting on the runway for at least a half hour. once the plane started moving and getting read for takeoff, i squeezed phillip's hand as tight as i could and i had to shut my eyes. but once we were in the air, everything was okay. the flight was serving food, but it was sold out before it even made it halfway through coach. so we ate the little bag of pretzels and drank some soda.

i tried to nap, but i was just too excited to sleep. at 8:30, we landed at the st. paul/minneapolis airport. we made our way through the terminal to meet phillip's mom and her husband don.

phillip's mom was so excited to see him, she gave him a big hug. i thought that was just so cute. we all talked for a little while and then we made our way to the car. we stuffed our bags in the back and then made our way to phillip's grandmother's house. she's a sweet woman who was also happy to see phillip. she offered us drinks and mixed nuts. we talked with her a while, and at about 10:00 we left minneapolis for phillip's mom's house in river falls, wisconsin.

the ride was nice, but i had a hard time hearing everyone. my ears were plugged from the plane ride. they were fine while we were in the air, but they started to feel all fuzzy and began to hurt when we were landing. i kept hoping they would pop, but they never did.

on the ride to their house, i found out that mimi and don have a cat named sophie. as you may or may not know, i am very allergic to cats. i didn't bring my medication because phillip had told me that his mom only had a bird. so i was so nervous that i was going to have an asthma attack and have to go to the hospital, but i can happily say that sophie didn't bother me at all.

phillip, mimi, don, and i talked for a while in the living room about work and stuff, and they seemed to be pretty impressed that i work where i work. it's too bad that it isn't as glamorous as one may think. that's ok though. i played along ;) at about midnight or so, phillip and i decided we had to go to sleep. but before we got into bed, we took a nice bath in their big jacuzzi tub. it was so nice and it felt so relaxing. i slept really well the first night we were there. i thought i would have trouble, since it was a new place and the thought of the cat coming down the stairs and sitting on my head in the middle of the night was kind of scary. but we slept well, and woke up the next morning at 10:00 or so.

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