Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wisconsin: Day 3

saturday was a beautiful day. p and i woke up, had a quick breakfast, and decided to go downtown again to do some shopping. i wore my new top that mimi got me at target. actually. phillip picked it out. it looks good on me, so he's got good taste.

i took another photo of phillip by that cool bridge:

we walked around town, and we went to this used clothing store that reminded me of urban renewals, only this place smelled a whole lot better. there were some cool furniture and other items for sale, that i probably would have bought if i had a house and it was in wisconsin ;) phillip looked around for halloween stuff, but didn't find anything he liked. i tried to get him to put the mask on, but he wouldn't ;)he's just too cute.

there is green bay packers stuff everywhere! we had to take pictures. the first one is in the used clothing store. the second one is a store front that only has packers stuff in the window. phillip said he was a vikings fan growing up, just to be different. have i mentioned how adorable he is??

we went into a used video game store so phillip could look through the games to see if there were any he liked

while he did that, i marvelled at the amount of beanie babies they had for sale. now, this was not the only store that had them. they were everywhere! i didn't even know that beanie babies were still being made!

and i had to take a picture of the garfield beanie. he looks like he's been smoking a few too many doobies

i also bought a cute mug that says "river falls, wi" on it. when we got back to the house, i showed don. he liked it too.

the big family cookout was saturday night. everyone was so excited about me trying bratwurst. i'd never had it before. i guess mimi marinates the sausages in beer for a while before cooking them. so we all sat around and waited for the brats to soak. it was a beautiful day. don likes to hang out in his shorts most of the day. he's a man who doesn't like to wear clothes ;)

phillip took advantage of the hammock that's in the back yard. he looks so comfy:

by mim's herb garden is the pet cemetery. phillip told me how whenever they buried a pet, mimi would read a poem and sing a song. man, i wish i had a mom like mimi. so i told her on saturday that she's my new mom. she agreed. i'm happy.

brent, lisa and her kids, jason (don's son) and his kids came over for the cookout. it was a lot of fun, and i loved my first bratwurst. i wish mimi was here right now to make more for us. they were so delicious!

phillip and i went downstairs to nap after dinner when we heard mimi tell phillip to come quick with his camera. so we went to see what was going on, and there was a little bat hanging out on the umbrella. no one knows how he got there and he just stayed there till it got dark:

everyone was saying how they are glad i'm not like phillip's ex. she would have had mimi get her a cage in order to capture the bat and claim it as her pet. they all agreed that she's nuts. we just left the bat alone, and we are sure that he got back to wherever he was going when he was done hanging out under the umbrella. it was still pretty cool to see him hanging there though.

after we said goodbye to brent and lisa and to jason and his kids, we watched some tv. at 8:30 mimi drove us to dairy queen. i was so happy! i haven't been to dairy queen since i was about 15. we got ice cream and ate it on our way to the movie theater. we went to the only cinema in town that was showing the manchurian candidate. there was a kid at the booth selling tickets. i said "what are you doing working here! you're, what? six years old??" and he said, very matter of factly, "i'm seven". so he let me take his picture, but not before phillip told him to give the "thumbs up"!

the movie was ok. i never saw the original, so i can't compare. there was a couple sitting behind us that was talking the entire time. finally, phillip turned around and shusshed them. i heard the guy say "well, excuse us!". how lame is that? you don't talk through a movie, especially when you're in a theater! duh.

after the movie, we ventured back to the "ground zero" bar, but we were just not feeling it. so we walked across the bridge and called mimi to pick us up. that was so nice of her, and i thought it was cute how she was driving without her shoes on. i used to do that all the time.

phillip and i did some laundry so we wouldn't have to do it when we got back to boston. we went to bed shortly after the clothes went in the dryer. i was feeling sniffly and kind of achy. phillip stayed up and watched TV for a while. i fell asleep right away, but woke up with a start when the dryer buzzer went off. heh. but then i slept through the night.

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