Saturday, October 02, 2004


when i was at shaws yesterday, i noticed that lindt brought back it's jack-o-lantern chocolate truffles! yay! i saw them in peanut butter, too. i hate the peanut butter truffles. the milk and white chocolates are my favorite.

when i was engaged, i wanted to have a semi-halloween themed wedding, since the anticipated date was october 25. as i'm sure you all know, my ex wanted to have a star (gag) wars (gag) wedding (barf) and i was so against it, i don't think i could have expressed it more. he seriously wanted to have everyone in costume and have the imperial march playing as we entered. seriously, i'd rather pour lemon juice in my eyes. but up until the day i left him, he was determined to have a star wars wedding.

anyway, the point of this is that the only real halloween-y thing i wanted to have was a cute (small) black cauldron on each table filled with these chocolates. that's it. and of course, i was shot down hardcore so i gave up. now i just eat the chocolates wrapped as jack-o-lanterns and thank the heavens that i'm not married to that dork.

i'd also like to thank my wonderful boyfriend for saving me from said dork. we've been together for a year and a half today. and i can honestly say that every day has been wonderful. yes, we've had our fights and arguments, but what normal couple doesn't? it's hard to imagine what my life would be like if we hadn't met. i may or may not be unhappily married right now, with my first anniversary approaching. i'd like to think that i got out of the relationship regardless of meeting phillip and having him sweep me off my feet. but thinking back to how miserable i was, (and heavily medicated, i may add), i might have just gone along with it.

so thank you, sweetheart, for making my life so much better. i am so lucky to have you and i look forward to seeing you every day. you make me so happy and i would be so sad if you weren't around. i'm looking forward to many more "and-a-half" anniversaries with you. i love you, phillip!

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