Friday, October 21, 2005

Boston You're My Home

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i'm still going through the post-wedding doldrums. it's so strange. i miss everyone so much. and i only got to see most of them for 4 hours.phillip and i need to visit with people more. have people over for dinner. i know it's hard, with us living in the city and most of our friends in the 'burbs, but even if we meet up once a month, that would be good enough for me. maybe a movie night or something. anything.

i start on my next project tonight: thank you cards. i've got a good idea in my head and can't wait till i get home to see if it will work. then i need to make a ton and send them all out to everyone who gave us gifts. i hope to bust out the george forman grill soon and cook us up some bratwurst ;) The Hubs loves the brats. heehee.

i also have to go to the library and return books and pay the late fines. i got a letter in the mail last week that every Curves in Boston is closing. so i either have to look for a new gym, or just start my own exercise plan. oh, some asshole ran over my bike on my wedding day and so now i have to replace the whole back tire. FUN! so i can't ride anywhere. oh well. i should be walking more as it is. so i better start that, too.

i just wish there were more hours in the day. oh, and that we win millions in the Megabucks game.

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