Saturday, October 22, 2005

One Week Down, 50+ Years To Go!

we've been married for a week today. it's awesome. seriously. i love every minute of it. i can't wait for our one year anniversary! and then our 10th and 25th and hopefully, if we live that long, our 50th. we're going to rip it up when we're 90 and 81 ;)

sometimes i really wish i'd met phillip 10 years ago. because that would be 10 more years i get to be with him. but i think back to when i was 20, even I wouldn't want to date myself. i was young and thought i could do anything with no consequence. man, did i do stupid stuff! like once when i was living in Beverly, i drove home from my friend's Jenne and Melissa's house with our very drunk friend ON THE HOOD OF MY CAR! he sat on the hood while i sped down the streets and around corners. how completely IDIOTIC is that? and then once we got to my dorm i hid him in the bathroom when the campus police came looking for him. i was a pretty good actress back then too. "what are you talking about sir? i haven't seen any men in this all girl dorm at all! don't you believe me? i'm a GOOD GIRL!" they never found him and i never got in trouble. but as an "adult" now, i cringe whenever i think about that. i mean, he could have fallen off and i could have ran him over. or worse, we could have been ARRESTED! dumb dumb dumb! but i also wonder why campus saftey never ran my plates OR the parking ID number that was stuck to my back window. they totally would have been able to figure out that it was me.

anyway, even though i wish phillip and i had 100 more years together, i don't think our relationship would have worked out if we met 10 years ago. we were both totally different people and we had to go through a ton of crap relationships and learn from them to get where we are today. he had to live with the Dragon Lady for 7+ years and i had to bounce from one crappy/abusive/loveless relationship to the next for 7 years to finally be in the right place at the right time. and to think: if either one of us had stayed home that night like we wanted to, we'd never have met. and i wouldn't trade that for anything.

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