Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Never Underestimate The Power of the Curd

phillip and i got our (now) traditional box of wisconsin cheese in the mail from his mom. i'm not embarassed to admit that i would have accepted cheese curds as a wedding gift from those in attendance. i love them.

it's always a good day in the griffin house when there are cheese curds in the fridge!


Kelly said...

Well, you're ready for Minnesota then.

Clurg said...

Odd that those are not only fresh curds, but very fresh curds.


Word Verification: gghump

Honey Bunny said...

very fresh cheese curds squeak when you bite into them. total awesomeness.

the ones we got in the mail aren't this brand, but they are just as delicious and fresh...but no squeak!

smussyolay said...

i'm very happy to live in chicago, and i only need to visit my WI family now and then ( they're only an hour and 1/2 away), but damn. cheese curds. for those who aren't familiar...they are the bomb.

good for you. i'm glad they traveled well. it's hard to get some that squeak.

Honey Bunny said...

yes, they are totally the bomb.

i had some that came right from the ellsworth farm when phillip and i were there last year. those squeaked! they were awesome and phillip's sister-in-law deep fried them. OMG! DELISH!

Something dirty said...

I've only had 'em deep fried at the state fair. & Psycho Suzy's.