Monday, December 12, 2005


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hah! this picture cracks me up. i am pretty sure this was taken in '99 when i first started going to Manray in Cambridge, MA. i have no idea why i have my finger in my mouth, but i know that it was taken by an old boyfriend with this totally crappy camera that we thought was OMG! super high tech! why in the world we thought that, i'll never know! that's before i started dying my hair black and way before the bangs. i miss that necklace and top, although if i had the top today, i'd never be able to fit into it. i also over-plucked my eyebrows in those days and had hideous glasses (not that my glasses today are any cooler, but you know what i'm saying). anyway, here's a picture that we can all laugh at. i was trying to be oh so goth back then. little did i know that i'll never be goth enough, at least according to the snot nosed punks on live journal. *bew-hew* right?

i think i'm pretty much over the whole goth thing. i like wearing black and i like some asthetics that go along with the gothic culture, but i cannot stand the types that thing being goth is the end-all be-all. i like those gothy types who are gothy because they live by their own rules. the ones that adhere to Hollywood's idea of "goth" are the ones i avoid. i mean, i can see the irony of it all, why can't they?

plus, i like to laugh at myself. hardcore goths would never admit that.

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