Thursday, January 19, 2006

I See Famous People (person)

i had to stop at the post office after work last night to mail off some stuff i sold on eBay. i asked the woman behind the counter for TWO of their largest priority mail boxes and she gave me SIX. that's ok; i figure we can use them for packing.

anyway, as i was walking past whole foods, i passed michael weiss. he is in this play at the huntington theater. i think he's a pretty good actor (i liked him in Jeffrey and the play "Burn This" we saw last year), but i'm not one to get all excited seeing a celebrity.

but it IS kind of cool being, like, two feet away from him. even though i looked like a dork with my hands full of priority mail boxes.

the last time i was that close to someone famous i (literally) ran into michael and kitty dukakis while running to get to class at northeastern university.


Kelly said...

I was on an elevator with Little Richard once. My ex-sister-in-law was Jude Devereaux. I got a nod from John and John of They Might Be Giants, and another from Lynne Cheney. That's it for me.

Honey Bunny said...

lynne cheney? that's HOTT!

heh. i'm kiddin'.

Kelly said...

Shut up, Paris.

Kelly said...

When are you breezing in? Middle of next week? After this weekend, I won't be down that way again until the beginning of February, but maybe we can find a coffee minute or something. Where is your place going to be?