Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Ovaries Need To SHUT UP!

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this is my boss's son, aiden. he's the one i talk about all the time. he's got the BIGGEST crush on me, for some strange reason. seriously, i usually scare kids away. but for some reason, aiden loves me. he always talks about me at home and he even got on the phone after thanksgiving and told me all about the turkey he had and how he was excited to drop his grannie off at the airport. did i mention that he is TWO?!?

he came in today to say goodbye to me. he told me i have to come back so we can check on the compressors together. he's the smartest two year old i know, and he's referring to the air conditioning compressors that are outside. he also told me we have to make sure the light is turned off in the hallway because the flourescents make the "bzzzzzzzzzz" noise.

he's just adorable.

he wanted his dad to take a picture of me so he can remember me. so i crouched down next to him and we took a picture together. and before he left, he gave me a big, big hug.

i'm not a breeder, but damn...he makes me want a little phillip in the worst way!

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nita said...

careful....i had a kid like that in my life and look at me now, all mommed up.

good luck in the move!