Friday, January 20, 2006

To Answer Some Questions About The Move

here's our schedule for the next 10 days:

  • friday (today) - we both work all day. have dinner, relax, maybe watch a movie.
  • saturday - i work until 4, phillip works until 8. have dinner, do some packing; clean out the fridge and scrub the kitchen.
  • sunday - get up at a reasonable hour (must not sleep past 10am!), pack some more, have dinner, meet up with ronan, rob, and others at great scott to see the editors. it'll be our last show in boston, so i better whoop it up!
  • monday - fight the urge to sleep till noon. call the shipping company to find out what time they are dropping off the crate; totally finish packing; return cable box and modem to Comcast; go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • tuesday - pack up crate; clean apartment; return keys; take the MBTA one last time to Logan; board flight to MSP; land at 8:30pm; get picked up by the in-laws and dive to River Falls, WI.

  • wednesday through tuesday - chill with the inlaws; drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of curd, watch some football, do some shopping; meet with new landlord at some point and get keys; hopefully move into new place before Feb 1, but we're not going to bank on it.

  • wednesday, Feb 1 - move into new Uptown apartment and squeal with glee for approximately 5 hours; begin new life in the Twin Cities with my fabulously smart and sexy husband!

    so there you have it. the week that we're in WI we have no plans except to relax. well, and get our keys to our new place, so we'll be driving to Mpls one day (not sure which one; we have to coordinate things with people) to check out the neighborhood and new house and other stuff. so Kelly, we can totally wait to get coffee till after the first, since things will be crazy and lack of a vehicle will prevent us from going into the city all that much. i can't wait!

    have i mentioned how excited i am?

    Lucas said...

    Me too! You'll LOVE uptown! Let us know when you are in and ready to meet up. We can have coffee or a beer or whatever and welcome you to town.

    Honey Bunny said...

    thank you, lucas! that's so nice of you! i'll let you know when we're settled. YAY!

    Voix said...

    Gosh, Honey Bunny -- are you moving? I had no idea. . .


    Good luck!

    fluffy said...

    sooo J, what made you pick Upack? are they driving your stuff for you? mind emailing me and telling me what its costing you? im trying to price companies myself, and the quotes ive had so far are pretty expensive. thanks!

    Honey Bunny said...

    sure, fluffy. i'll do that now.

    sorry michele. i know it's all i've been talking about. i'm sure my readers are pretty sick of me talking about it...

    Something dirty said...

    Oh, it's _so_ on now!!! I'm very excited for you! Don't you just love moving into a new place?

    Honey Bunny said...

    yes! although i've lived in 8 places in the last 10 years so i'm looking forward to settling into a place where i'll want to stay for a few years.