Thursday, May 11, 2006

Precious Lola

Precious Lola
Originally uploaded by thehoneybunny.
I love her poofy cheeks and pretty little nose. I think she might have a hairball stuck or something. I saw her hacking this evening. I'm going to purchase some hairball remedy for her. Just in case.

My allergies are horrible. I have the breathe-right strips that I'll use tonight. I hope they offer me a better night's sleep. I haven't slept an entire night, straight through, in ages. I'm getting pretty tired of it, to be honest.

I have an interview tomorrow at a place downtown. I really want this job. I saw it listed on on Tuesday and I got a call for an interview today. That's pretty speedy. Wish me luck.


Herbach said...

That seems super speedy, Honey Bunny. That's a very good sign. Don't wear your breathe rights to the interview.

Honey Bunny said...

heh. i'll leave the breathing strips home. thanks for the reminder :)