Thursday, October 12, 2006


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We made it to Vancouver just fine. We were up at 4am CST, left MSP Airport at 6:40am CST, got to Denver at 8:00 MST. We had to book it to our connecting flight because, of course, the boarding gate we needed was at the opposite end of the airport. We left Denver at 8:30 MST and arrived in Vancouver at 10:20 PST. That's a LOT of time in an airplane. ANd the time change is messing with me. We had "lunch" at 10:45am because, well, it would have been 12:45 at our house in Mpls. No big deal though. It's just hard to get used to the time difference. Oh, and my left ear is clogged so bad I can't hear a thing.

So the first thing we did after checking in to our awesome hotel, was to walk down Robson Street. Pretty cool and very hip. We kept walking and walking and before we knew it, we were half way to Stanley Park. So we decided to go to the Aquarium. OMG! I loved the aquarium! I got to see so many lovely fish/mammals/animals. There was even a Rain Forest room where birds flew free and butterflies floated past your face. It was great.

I think the dolphins and the beluga whales were my favorite. I made little movies of lots of fish and the dolphin performance, but I'll have to post that when I get home next week.

We did so much walking that my feet are burning. I don't know what we're going to do tomorrow, but I sure hope the weather is as nice as today. It's absolutely gorgeous here. Vancouver is an awesome city. Totally clean and so much to do/look at. I hope we can cram a ton of fun things to do into the small amount of time we're here.

Oh a totally different note, I miss Lola. I'm sure she's fine. My friend B is housesitting for us and Lola just loves her to bits. But I still worry that she's got enough food and water. But that's my worry talking.

More tomorrow (if I'm not totally exhausted!)

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