Monday, January 01, 2007

I Won't Call Them Resolutions!

Because I never stick to "resolutions", the term I'll be using now on will be "Goals"!

2006 was a really bad year. Ok, not 100% bad. Maybe 75% bad. Some of the high points included moving to Minneapolis, adopting Lola, my mom and sister coming to visit, the MN state fair, and our trip to Vancouver. Some of the low points included being unemployed, more unemployment, non-specific marital problems, financial troubles, and the fact that I'm still not working. I guess the good points really are better than the bad, but when you are depressed, jobless, and broke, it's easier to dwell on the crap points of the day, you know?

So I've decided that my Goals for 2007 will include:

    1. Upgrade my cafepress store in order to offer more designs
    2. Find a job
    3. Make more friends in the Twin Cities (now taking applications!)
    4. Call my grandparents more often
    5. Cook more creatively and conservatively. I'm tired of wasting food.
    6. Read more
    7. Organize my jewelry, crafts, and recipe junk so I can make sense of it
    8. Fix up the bedroom (right now it contains our bed, a dresser, and a TV. it's the only room in the house that's all white and boring)
    9. Plan/have a party
    10. Wear my contacts more. I spent major bucks on them and they just sit in their cases
    11. Write more interesting blog posts
    12. Stop worrying so much
    13. Get a pedicure and/or manicure. I've never had one in my life, so I think it's about time.
    14. Go dancing/see bands/try new restaurants at least once a week with my Husband
    15. Smile more

Another goal is to send Christmas presents on time next year. I haven't sent my family their presents on time in, oh, 10 years. That's not cool.

Has anyone else made any goals for the new year? If you call them resolutions, I'll accept that, too :)

Happy New Year from The Griffins!

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Karyn said...

There is nothing harder to deal with than money trouble. So I know how it must be for you.

I wish you all the best for a 2007 filled with employment opportunities, new friends, happiness and creativity.

Get the pedicure! It's worth it.