Saturday, June 16, 2007


It's no secret that the Griffin family doesn't do well in the heat. I loathe June to September. I can't function in this heat. The Hubs and I get really irritable and cranky. Even Lola hates it. She hides under the couch all day long, retreating only to drink water and do a doodle in her litter box. It's AWFUL!

I hate feeling sweaty and sticky all day long. I'm glad we have a/c in our bedroom or i'd be even more miserable. But I can't spend all day in the bedroom, right?

I'm being honest when I say that we prefer the -30 degrees of February over the 90 degrees of June. I'm serious. I can't take much more of this.


cat said...

I agree. You can put more layers on and on and on, but you can only take off so much! And here is MN the humidity is what kills me. I am blessed to have central air so Jax, my new 4 yr old kitty, and I are comfy at home. (I had to put Luther down about a month ago and since then adopted Jax)I had no air for most of my life though, so I understand fully what you are saying. Hang in there!

Honey Bunny said...

oh man, what i wouldn't do for central air!

you should take some pictures of Jax! i'd love to see your new kitty! :)

cat said...

I certainly will if he gets better. He is really sick now. I am hoping and praying he gets better, but my gut tells me it is terminal. I hope it is wrong. We go to the Vet today. (It has been one thing after another with him. I have had him 3 weeks and this is our 4 trip to the Vet and already put $1000 into him. That is $1000 that I do NOT have.) I will keep fixing things as long as they are not terminal, or causing him a lot of pain. But now, we think it is kidney's. He is acting like other cat's I have known or had that have kidney failure (which is fatal for cats). My poor baby. I just want him out of pain. I will let you know what we find out today at the Vet.

cat said...
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Honey Bunny said...

i hope your kitty gets better, cat! i hate to hear that pets aren't doing well. keep me updated, ok?