Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wow. Productive!

I was pretty productive today. I scrubbed out the sink in the kitchen. It was disgusting and stained so I used some bleach stuff and scrubbed. It looks better now. I also did some organizing and cleaning. I wanted to watch one of the movies I got from Netflix, but it looks like The Hubs returned it without asking me. Now I'll have to wait til I get a new one.

I also finally finished this bracelet that I've been working on since last summer. It looks awesome. I made it of 8 inch "S" hooks and red and copper colored copper wire. It took me 3 hours to finish because the wrapping of the hooks takes forever. I added a jump ring chain and a frog clasp closure that can be adjusted to any length. It has a real industrial feel to it and it's kind of punk rock. Yeah, that's it.

here, Lola lends a hand, er, neck to model it for me.

I'll probably add this to my Etsy store at some point. I need to make more jewelry designs to try and make a little money while I'm waiting to get a job.


Cat said...

That is really fantastic looking! You go girl! I wish I could get that much accomplished, but some days, it just ain't gonna happen... I really like that bracelet though, it looks like it was sorta a pain in the keaster to do, so good for you to get it done.

Pattie said...

The bracelet is beautiful. So are all the items in your store!

As I continue to try to find a job, I keep picking up money with my "side" projects like selling stuff and taking on books to edit. I am beginning to think that the side stuff are turning out to be more fun and lucrative.

The trick is, of course, surviving start-up of such enterprises until they pay the bills.

Thanks for stopping by fattypatties and letting me know I'm not alone.