Friday, July 06, 2007

Let's Talk About How Small the World Is

Recently Phillip and I met a cool chick who just moved back to the area after being gone for a few years. She's looking to establish new friends like we are. So we went out for drinks the other night and got talking about work and careers and all.

Hearken back to, oh, the end of May when I got a call from someone at a recruitment firm who had a "perfect job" for me in St Paul. It was at an insurance firm and what I'd be doing all day was either constructing forms in Word and then saving the file as a .pdf, OR making .pdf files editable. The guy couldn't tell me exactly. I thought that was OK because I could just go to the interview and find out.

I never made it to the interview because this guy at the recruitment firm was so unbelievably pushy that I told him to not call me again and leave me alone. He told me that this insurance place needed someone to interview that day and when I told him I was unavailable he said, in a nutshell, that I should change my plans and he was going to come to Golden Valley (where I was temping) to pick me up and drive me to the interview. I said "I don't even know you! You're not driving me anywhere!". So I put the kibosh on that.

Well, come to find out, this new friend we have IS WORKING THAT EXACT JOB! It's true! It's the exact job that I was almost pushed into. Same recruiter guy, same firm, same insurance company in St Paul, and same lame job. When I told her that I turned that job down she said she wishes I hadn't because it's a pretty mind-numbing job to do. She says she doesn't like it very much, but it's good money and stability. I can respect that.

But can you believe it? What a small world, I swear. This random woman who we just met is working at a job that I might have accepted if the guy wasn't such a pushy asshole. And I found out last week that DJ Nitrogen (from Hard Mondays) here in Minneapolis will be spinning with DJ Mothra, who Phillip worked with for YEARS in Boston at the goth night Ceremony. I'm becoming more and more convinced that everyone on this planet knows one another, even if it is through Six Degrees of Separation.

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