Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shaq's Big Fat Challenge...or How to Annoy The Shit Out Of Me Episode 2

I'm not going minute by minute but here are some points that have irritated the shit out of me:

  • The new trainer guy is a DICK. he's so mean to the kids and push them way too hard.

  • Kit's mom is a bitch and all she sees is failure. It's no wonder Kit has panic and anxiety attacks! I had to deal with a family that kept telling me I was never good enough for anything and I totally developed anxiety and depression. So I don't blame Kit at all

  • Shaq doesn't really care about the kids. It's all for ratings.

  • The new trainer guy is a DOUCHE! How can the kids possibly feel good about themselves when he says shit like "Mmmmm...I smell that fat 'a burnin'!

  • Kit was obviously told she couldn't return to the program because she has shit for parents. It's nice to see that the kids are sad to see her go, though.

  • So James was allowed to have one pizza night a week. It just happens that he chooses the day that the nutritionist was at his house. So? If she didn't like that, she shouldn't have given him the opportunity. Bitch.

  • Shaq tries to get mandatory PE classes for everyone at some shcool he chooses. The principal shoots him down. She's got some relevant points, but the sad thing is that I'm sure she'd be 100% willing to have all the kids take gym if the US Government would allot more money to education in this country.

  • Kit might be rejoining the group! I told you it was her shitty parents who told her she couldn't go back. Assholes.

  • Kevin lies about his weight gain because he's embarrassed. Seems normal to me.

  • For next time: Shaq gets pissed and destroys a stereo. Great example you're setting, Shaq! You suck.

    Ok, I still hate Shaq and his crusade to get rid of all the fat kids in the USA, but I can't stop watching the show. Mostly because I love how smart-ass the kids are. They are already the winners of the show since they make the adults look like morons most of the time.

    Holy shit I have to watch Family Secrets. It looks creepy!
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    cat said...

    After your blog last week, I decided I had to check it out as well. (I also have always hated Shaq) The best part that really showed me what he is in it for, was when he and his trainer were confronting the new trainer about Kit being carted to the hospital, and Shaq was not concerned about Kit, he was saying the guy was pushing then to hard and he was liable, it was on him (being Shaq) if something like this happens to one of them. That is not a quote, but he was not upset about Kit, he was upset that his rep could be damaged, or they could sue him or something. He was only upset about what this was going to do for him... what an ASS! He could care less about these kids from the looks of it. Which is sad, it could have been a good idea to help kids... (but they also need to "train" the parents to help these kids, they did not get this way alone)