Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Staredown

The Staredown
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Its too hot to do much of anything today. It doesn't help that I just got up and it's 11:40. I was planning on going to the post office, but it closes in 20 minutes. Oh well. I'll have to go on Monday.

I'm going to stay in the bedroom with the a/c on full blast. Maybe I'll finish my book or work on some new jewelry designs. All I know is that it's too hot to sit at my desk. I tried it and didn't like it. Lola even hates the heat, but she can't stand the noise of the a/c even more. Poor kitty.

That's a photo of Lola I took this morning as she sat on my desk, watching me eat my breakfast. She wanted the leftover milk from my cereal. That kitty is pretty demanding.

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Cat said...

Lola is SO cute! Poor kitty though is right, and she is probably afraid of fans as well right? So you cannot even turn one of them on her. (I know all my cats I have ever had are afraid of the fans, do not like wind!)Oh well, what can you do?