Friday, August 31, 2007

On Being Sick

I'm still sick, but I HAVE to go to work today. I have to sign my time card, which is the most important thing, but also I have been feeling that guilt I mentioned in my last post. Which is ridiculous. I'm pretty sick. Yesterday morning even The Hubs urged me to stay home...and he NEVER does that. So I stayed home and did a lot of sleeping. I do feel better than yesterday, but not great.

I've been slacking on my 365 days self portrait project, but I blame it on the fact that I can't breathe through my nose to do much of anything without coughing up a lung. I'll get back into it this weekend. I only missed 2 days. I guess that's not so bad.

Old news, but my robot wars video was featured on this week. WOOT! Check it out.

Now I must get ready for work.

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