Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Secret Santa Delivers Good Stuff!

I mentioned the awesome podcast Movies You Should See in a recent post. It's by far, my favorite podcast out there. I can't miss an episode or I'll lose my mind. I'm serious.

Anyway, the hosts of said podcast put together a Secret Santa swap for all the listeners/members of the forums. I got my gifts today from my Secret Santa and I couldn't be more pleased:
My Secret Santa brought me these!

I've had these movies on my My Wish List ever since I saw them, and now I'm the proud owner of both! I really want to beef up my DVD movie library as I own hardly any. The Hubs is a minimalist and can't understand why anyone would want to own DVDs when you can just rent them from the Netflix. But I really like having movies that I can just grab and watch whenever I want.

So, yeah. You should download the Movies You Should See podcast. I mean, if you enjoy people talking about movies for an hour or so. You'll thank me.


soapboxhero said...

What other podcasts do you listen to? I enjoy Fox in the City and That's What She Said. I miss The Office terribly!!!

Michelle said...

I love "American Splendor." I'll have to check out "Movies You Should See." It sounds cool. I love movies, but alas, I don't have enough freetime to watch them all.