Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movie-Dominated Weekend, or So It Seems

Saturday morning I woke up feling like ass. Headache, bodyaches, slightly scratchy throat, and an unusual desire to drink lots of water. The headache grew into an almost-migraine and it's stuck around ever since. I don't feel much better today, and that bums me out. I absolutely, positively DO NOT want to miss work tomorrow, so I will have to just keep on "taking it easy" for the rest of the day.

Mrs AND Mr Griffin both had the day off yesterday. Mrs G spent the day moping, doing laundry, sewing, and feeling lousy. Mr G spent the day watching soccer, helping with laundry, and watching me sew. Eventually he went to see some strange foreign film at a theater I've never even heard of. That gave me two hours to myself to take a nap. I wasn't able to fall asleep, which really pissed me off. When he got back, we spent the rest of the day/night watching more movies. We finally saw Jesus Camp and was completely frightened and repulsed, although I was expecting it to be longer and have some sort of conflict to it. I would have liked to see another differing opinion on the Evangelical movement, other than the radio announcer dude. I realize that by the filmmakers not letting the audience know one way or the other what side they are on makes for a perfect documentary, but seriously, I would have loved to see some of those "awful" liberals tell that Becky woman where to stick her Bible.

I watched Kids in the Hall: Same Guys, New Dresses while Phillip watched soccer. It wasn't that great of a documentary, although I was happily transported back to `99 when I saw them on that tour. A college friend bought me tickets to see their 'reunion' tour at the Orpheum in Bboston for my Birthday. Man, that was a good time. The documentary, though, focused on Scott's neurosis and overwhelming desire to be liked by all, which kind of took away from the other guys. There was very little footage of Bruce (who was my favorite Kid) and the stuff with Kevin just makes him look like he has no say in what happens to them -or their show- on a daily basis. But it was nice to re-live most of the skits that I saw live. That's a show I'll never forget.

We also watched Lord of War, which I thought was OK. I expected more from that movie, too. I was also pretty pissed at all the anachronistic and continuity mistakes that were made, and I think Phillip was getting pissed at how often I pointed them out. So I think all those things took away from my enjoyment of the film. I also think I'm the only one I know who feels let down by this. meh.

Today I'm just going to be sewing more and hopefully I'll be able to take a nap. And hopefully that nap won't fuck up my sleep since I have to be up at 5:45 for work tomorrow. Tonight is the premier of The Amazing Race. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm NOT looking forward to seeing Rob and Ambuh. I loathe them. I hope they are the first to go.

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doug said...

along the lines of Jesus Camp is Soldiers in the Army of God. you can get it on netflix. want a hint? abortion clinic bombers, and self-circumcision. i kid you not.