Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm Obsessed with Kawaii

Recently I decided I want to purchase a bento box. The problem I'm having is that there are so many awesome ones out there that I can't decide on which one to buy. The other problem I have is that many of them are shipped directly from Japan and so that means that the shipping cost is greater than or equal to the price of the bento box. I just can't swing that. I've got a bunch bookmarked on the eBay that I might purchase. That is unless one of the hundreds of Asian stores here in Mpls don't have what I'm looking for. My goal for tomorrow is to walk around Nicollet and see what I can find.

While searching for the perfect bento box I came across a website that sells an enormous amount of kawaii stickers, stationery, and other goods. Some of these "other goods" are strange Giant Plushy Microbes. I'd heard of Parasite Pals, but never these.

Hey! This one looks familiar! Remember when I had that awful, terrible stomach problem? Well, I should purchase this cute little fella to remind me of that wonderful time! He's Helicobacter Pylori and he made my life a living hell for almost a month. cute!

I'm not actually going to purchase it, but it did give me a good laugh. Instead, I've filled up my shopping cart with awesome kawaii stickers. Because for those who know me know I love stickers. I always have and probably always will. Japanese character stickers make me laugh. Especially ones that have English phrases translated onto them. I have a cute little sticker of an airplane in the sky and it says "Happy Drive!" along the top! HA!

I'm a sucker for all the crazy Japanese cartoon caracters, especially chococat, badtz maru, and monokuro boo. The Wan Wan Puppies crack me up, too. I am obsessed and need them all. It's a good thing I have restraint. It also helps that I'm on a pretty tight budget.

god help me if I find kawaii stuff in Ottawa! It will be the end of my bank account as I know it.


jessica said...

hi there,

I have you on my blogline list too.

i have a bento box. it's way too small for my lunches though so now i use it as a jewelry box. i think i might have accidentally purchased a kids bento box. one thing that i found that is similar is this:

i found mine on ebay to avoid the shipping costs (from an american retailer)

there is also a bento box community on lj but i'm not a member of it anymore because people post a lot and it would make me hungry when i should be working.


Honey Bunny said...


i didn't know you had an account here. awesome.

i've seen those sites, but thanks for posting them here. as soon as i save up some cash i'm going to get one i've been looking at on eBay, but damn, i'd really love this one!

hope you're doing well!